The beat goes on…

I’m so happy to be writing after a long absence from it. Writing is one of my favourite activities; it’s like meditating, talk therapy and art therapy all in one.  Writing and sharing my journey has helped me become a prevailer over the abuse, and the ptsd I live with because of it. Though I will always have ptsd, it no longer has me! I am a Prevailer! 

*Because it is an acronym, post-traumatic stress disorder is usually written as PTSD. I consciously used lowercase letters (ptsd) to reduce the disorder from the monster it once was to the small role it has in my life today. 

As I find myself spiritually, emotionally and mentally balanced and happy, my body is struggling from the past decades of abuse, neglect, and self-destructiveness.  Add the genetics I got from my parents – almost every medical condition out there are in my genes! I could end up with prostate cancer! LMAO!

My health has never seemed great, I used to have colds all the time and did not feel good most days of my childhood. I started thyroid medication in my 20s, Had my first arthritis attack in my 30s, was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in my 40s, and liver damage has come in my 50! By the way, I have not drunk alcohol since December 12, 1986.  

One major thing has changed over the past couple of years, I love myself today and my mental health has never been better! I am much more able to see how temporary all of my concerns are, actually, everything is temporary (But that’s for the next installment).

I may not be able to prevail over my medical conditions but my attitude of gratitude keeps me joyful for every day I have. In spite of what my body has to say, I remain happy-to-be-alive! My heart is strong and full of love and as long as the beat goes on, so will I!

Thanks for reading and caring about me. :o)   xo

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