An attitude of gratitude!

Gratitude IS the key to moving on!

When I was being abused and in my worst mental anguish I couldn’t see anything to be grateful for, all I could see was greyness and more pain ahead. As my healing progressed I began to realized that I DID have something to be grateful for, I was alive! Being alive gave me more possibilities than I could imagine! Suddenly, a tiny hole appeared and a bright light shone into my greyness and I knew it could be broken! Maybe the pain could be too? That tiny bit of gratitude shone a light and brought fuel to my ‘soul’, ‘inner-self’, ‘ME’ and who I am today has grown from there. An attitude of gratitude makes it possible to be happy, truly happy each day at a time.

My list of losses and traumas is a long one and I can’t even believe I survived all of it when I look at it, but I did. I became a PREVAILER by not looking at that list all the time and writing a new list of what I have to be grateful for. I also had to choose which list to start each day from.

WOW! What a list that is turning out to be!

Once i started to focus on what I HAD going for me, more and more things went ‘my way’! What!?! Really!?! I was skeptical even when the evidence was in front of me because I was just so sure that happiness and success were never going to be mine. Yet as I made each tiny step foward, grateful to still be standing, my life became more stable, I began to like some things about myself and even discovered that I had some talents and abilities!

The more that I embraced gratitude, it is easier to choose happiness for myself. This attitude change doesn’t remove my pains but instead allows me to rise above it; to no longer have pain be ME but rather take it’s rightful place as only a part of my life, not who I am.

I’m Lyn and I am a PREVAILER!

Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends and family!

Thanks for reading, caring and sharing my journey!

My Gratitude List

  • Life – nothing is possible without it
  • Love, so many have loved me when I felt unlovable
  • Love, I love myself more each day
  • Love, I love many people, unconditionally
  • Kirsten – my Kidneice
  • Jake, Carlos and Laci who get me out of bed even when I don’t want to
  • Coffee
  • Food
  • Toilet paper
  • To be able to walk
  • To be able to breathe in fresh air
  • Singing
  • and on, and on, and on…